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very natural

Rua do Mucugê, nº 175 - Center -  Arraial d'Ajuda – Porto Seguro – Bahia

Phone (73) 99848-6122 Delivery

Healthy space because it is essential to feel good. We believe that the harmony between the body and the mind is manifested in many ways, among them, by taking care of food. There is nothing more dignified than nourishing the body with flavors that are good for the palate, while also focusing on well-being and health. It also serves açaí, cupuaçu cream, cold-pressed juices, escondidinhos, broths, tapiocas, crepiocas, wraps, smoothhies and vegan cakes.


Specialty in natural food.

Accepts cash and all  cards.

There is free parking nearby.

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