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Oliveira's Bistro

Estrada da Balsa, nº 932 - Arraial d'Ajuda – Porto Seguro – Bahia

Phones (73) 3575-1115 and 98841-9119  -

The word Bistro finds its first records in the  French only in 1884. Its meaning is not consensual a priori, but etymologically  its provenance can be found. A very similar name was given to a homemade brandy or a substitute for wine also made at home. The word started being identified with homemade restaurants or bars, therefore, simple and unpretentious, however with a friendly atmosphere and personalized service.  Chef Samo de Oliveira's menu is very complete and very varied. We found good starters and snacks, a great variety of fish and seafood dishes, meats and desserts also make your mouth water just reading, especially the spectacular Lobster. Everything that is put on the table is excellently prepared and with surprising flavors. The chef's professionalism is very evident and dedication to detail is a differential that makes Bistrô D'Oliveira one of the best, if not the best restaurant on the Discovery Coast.


Specialty in Snacks.

Limited reservations.

Accepts cash and all  cards.

There is free parking nearby.

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