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Como chegar em Arraial d'Ajuda
Visite Arraial da Ajuda o ano todo


Arraial d'Ajuda is part of the municipality of Porto Seguro, on the southern coast of Bahia. You can get there by ferry crossing from Porto Seguro. Another way is to arrive via the BR 101 lane coming from Eunápolis and then the BR 376.


From Porto Seguro, head towards Balsa to cross the Bunharém River. The crossing is usually fast.

By car, around R$ 18.00 (eighteen reais) are charged each way across the river. Differentiated value for those who live in the region, presenting an updated proof of residence.

Along the Bunharém River, the  people who are on foot pay around R$ 4.50 (four reais and fifty cents) for the ferry ride and this amount is only paid in one direction (from Porto Seguro to Arraial). On the other hand, there is no charge for pedestrians.  Check the crossing schedules that alternate in high and low season. 

The ferry runs every day, 24 hours. At dawn, the interval between departures is one hour; during the day, 30 minutes. It is a safe crossing and lasts only ten minutes, but it is a simple and uncomfortable way.


Porto Seguro Airport is the main means of access for visitors who live far from the city. The airport is small, there are some souvenir and food stores, but there are daily arrivals and departures between the main Brazilian cities. It is also an important means of access for people who are not destined for Porto, but for Arraial d'Ajuda, Trancoso or Caraíva. There are several taxi drivers and transfer companies that welcome tourists and offer transfers to these places, with very competitive prices. If you prefer, it is also possible to rent a car at the various booths of the main brands, installed inside the Airport, with promotional prices. Thus, you can travel throughout the region and discover the natural beauties of the south coast of Bahia.

The distance from the Airport and the Bus Station to the ferry is no more than 5 km. There are several vehicles that make this transfer or taxi (the value is usually only R$ 20.00 from the Airport to the Ferry).


O  Porto Seguro Bus Terminal, Bahia, is located at the entrance of the city, close to the airport, serving passengers from Brazilian cities who travel to Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália. The bus station also receives a large flow of tourist buses from travel agencies from cities from the north to the south of Brazil, which go daily to Porto Seguro. The bus station has small snack bars.  The Porto Seguro Bus Station is simple with little  comfort, but has the advantage of being close to the city center. There is an on-site tourist information desk, as well as a few snack bars. Taxi rides in or out are not expensive, a fact that pleases tourists.  If you prefer more information, send an email to

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