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Bunny ice cream shop

Rua do Mucugê, nº 35 - Center -  Arraial d'Ajuda – Porto Seguro – Bahia

Phone (73) 98844-1000 -

When Italian Chef Bruno Maremmani, born and raised on the island of Sardinia, had the idea of bringing together in one place the flavors of the most diverse fruits that exist and spread around the world, it was born there in 1990, the tradition and quality of the products of the Bunny ice cream shop. After a lot of success, working from a young age with ice cream in Italy, Bruno had the brilliant idea of bringing his wonderful recipes for Italian ice cream to Brazil. With that, Coelhinho brought to Bahia the concept of true Italian ice cream. Our raw material is highly selected, using natural fruits, type A milk, fresh cream, organic sugar, pure chocolates, natural nuts and bases imported from Europe. The result of the perfect combination of raw materials, combined with a rigorous balance of recipes, is a healthier ice cream, with a soft texture and incomparable flavor.

Sorveteria Coelhinho


Specialty in Ice Cream 

Accepts cash and all  cards.

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